About Us

Mission Statement

To maximize opportunities for individuals to experience alternative craft beverages and take part in their “local” community.


Santa Fe Cider Works opened in 2012 as a smaller but very successful cidery in Santa Fe and it’s surrounding areas. Producing just under 5000 gallons per year it remains a local favorite, particularly in the north central part of New Mexico. 

Santa Fe Cider Works was purchased in November 2018 and while the goal is to increase annual production to meet demand, we will continue to ensure each batch remains hand-crafted instead of mass-produced. Our goal is quality rather than quantity. In April 2019, we expanded the cidery into a spacious facility on Bisbee Court in Santa Fe. This has given us substantially more space, making room for additional tanks to increase production of our current ciders to meet increasing demand, and to use our existing tanks to test the production of a third recipe. It will also allow us to produce test batches of various blends for potential future ciders. 

The Team

Barry and Brian

Barry and Brian have been friends since 1987 when they first met in California while serving in the United States Air Force.

They traveled with their families from one assignment to another throughout the country and finally landing them in beautiful Colorado in 1999. From there Barry was stationed in Alaska for a year and returning to Colorado Springs. Brian was accepted for a special duty assignment and worked in US Embassies throughout the world. Barry retired in 2003 after almost 21 years and has since worked in defense contracting. Brian retired in 2011 after 26 years and continued working in the US Embassy in London.

Over the years Brian and Barry discussed numerous business ventures but could never quite find the right fit. In early 2018 they came across Santa Fe Cider Works. Looking for adventure and new opportunities in an industry filled with endless potential and growth, they jumped at the opportunity to become part of a competitive, but close knit, family of the hard cider industry. Santa Fe Cider Works was purchased on 13 November 2018. 

Stephanie Love

 From a small town near Traverse City, Michigan, Stephanie graduated from the Penny Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, honors magna cum laude. Stephanie has lived in Santa Fe since 2013 and also works as Office Manager for the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.

Passionate about cider and products that benefit the local community, Stephanie looks forward to applying her artistic knowledge to the Santa Fe Cider Works brand. She supports the team through sales, marketing, and social media. 

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Interested in Joining the Team?

Santa Fe Cider Works is not currently seeking new employees, however, you may submit a resume for future opportunities. Contact sfcw@santafeciderworks.com


We value your feedback about our ciders!

Santa Fe Cider Works

21 Bisbee Court, Suite C, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508, United States

575-513-7329 sfcw@santafeciderworks.com


Monday – Friday: 9pm – 5pm

Saturday: Depends on the workload